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Opportunities to be part of an innovative shared social service

Clackmannanshire and Stirling Councils are breaking new ground in Scotland by sharing knowledge, skills and experience to improve the quality of social care.

Working together will lead to better lives for people of all ages and social circumstances and better use of public funds and resources.

Both councils are committed to delivering quality services at the heart of our communities. We're determined to realise our ambitions and have created an innovative shared service in order to achieve our goals.

With the Ochil Hills to the north and the River Forth to the south, Clackmannanshire is recognised for its outstanding natural environment and strong sense of community.

Clackmannanshire is within easy commuting distance from most of the major towns and cities of central Scotland. Some 2.5 million people, half the population of Scotland, live within an hours' drive of Clackmannanshire.

Both Council areas have high economic growth rates, and Stirling is internationally recognised as a major centre of learning. In addition to the renowned university, there are a number of excellent further education centres and some of the best performing schools in Scotland.

The area is popular with tourists, attracting millions of visitors every year thanks to the area's rich history and stunning countryside.

We're committed to realising our area's potential and to delivering all we can to the people of Clackmannanshire and Stirling. If you share our vision, you could be part of the next chapter of our success story.

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